Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Back to the Blog! Nice to see you!

So I've decided to return to writing articles on my blog again as usual about the condition I am afflicted with AKA Bipolar disorder.  It's been just over 7 years since I wrote my last blog post after which I had major writers block and subsequently worked primarily as a translator.   During this time I have not been going to a psychotherapist but I am still piously taking my medications and having routine blood test checks every 6 months to a year.  I've had two more psychotic episodes but I've recovered thankfully and now I am stable but wishing to write more about what I have learned and experienced.

Bipolar disorder is not something that has a cure but rather it is something that can be controlled.  Some bipolar people can continue their lives as normal with a healthy living style (eating fish and fruit and doing exercise).  Other bipolar people are continually struggling with this affliction and have difficulty dealing with extreme highs and most importantly the lows.  I've found that taking medication most certainly helps regulate these moods but it doesn't outright nullify them.

The most important factor here is that as a bipolar person we must accept that we will have this
condition for as long as we live and that we must face the unfortunate things that it brings to our lives and deal with them in the least harmful way possible. It's true that all human beings feel lows and highs but many people fail to understand the depths of how bipolar people feel these emotions.  One small trigger can send a bipolar person crashing down into a slump in their armchair or raise their awareness levels rocket high awakening them for days on end. Yet the key is to keep track of one's emotion levels and be aware of whether you are in danger of becoming psychotic.  In other words monitor yourself as best you can.

In conclusion I am ashamed I couldn't keep committed to this blog but as you all know people are unpredictable sometimes especially bipolar people.  I just hope my previous articles were useful for you albeit from a younger and less refined version of myself.  Hope to see you once more in the posts to come but take care for now.  Good to be back!