Tuesday, 19 January 2010


After publishing my last post last year I rediscovered that stopping medication after you've started already is not a good idea. Stopping medication for me meant being sectioned in one of Turkey's best psychiatric wards. Nothing in comparison to the cushy chaired single bedroom wards that have sprung up in recent times in the U.K especially.

The Erenköy Psychiatric ward was a fairly large facility with two main buildings seperating the females from the males and composed mainly of people who were off their rocker. Bedrooms were shared and men shared rooms generally with people they liked. Although at the beginning times were tough of course because the building for men as I could see it was seperated by a bottom floor and top floor. While I was trapped on the bottom floor with people of all types of descriptions, I genuinely feared for my life because these people were either sexually frustrated or totally off the wall. I later realised that the calmer people were taken to the top floor two days later so the top floor was like going to heaven.

In general then I can say that my trip to the psychiatric ward was not pleasant and I wouldn't want to repeat it. This is the second time Ive entered psychosis and it meant losing my job together with my ambition. The wars are over now but I still have to deal with depression and balancing myself once again.

Going into psychosis is not pleasant so in order not to repeat another episode those of you taking your medication please continue so for your own sake. Mood stabilisers not only keep us sane but they help bring balance to ups and downs that we encounter. I was wrong.