Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mental handicap = a gateway to paradise.

(Edit Warning!: This article was written when I was in psychosis.  It is not a representation of what I actually believe in)
Bipolarity is a way of life. A life that we choose and direct. Medication gives us the sanctity that we will get better and consoles our wounded soul. Some of us take our medication until we die but the sole problem is that we believe we have a problem. Yes, indeed Houston we have a problem.

What is the problem? Honestly, what is the problem? The problem is for me that I am not one with nature. The first caveman didn't fight dinosaurs with a bag of lithium in his hand, he had a spear! He used his brain on how he could outwit the dinosaur and capture it for a feast.

Studies do not prove that medication even works properly but one thing it does for certain is that it hooks you. Once you take that medication and continue it you need a long period of detoxification to completely free yourself. I welcome all medication companies, enthusiasts and loyalists to post their crap about medication for the whole world to see because it makes me proud to know that I can batter you all!

Physically all drugs are effective. Mentally they are all placebos. We are bipolar and that makes us intelligent enough to overcome all the emotions that exist in the universe.