Sunday, 9 December 2007

Smoking and Depression

It is evident that among many people with depressive disorders there is a tendency to smoke cigarettes when we are stressed out. Some of us have been able to put a stop to this addictive habit and decided to eat more instead. Some have the unique ability to control their diet and live healthily by exercising. As we get older there is a tendency to want to live a happy life, free of lung and heart failures. In Europe and North America smoking is now being reinforced as something that we should frown on because everybody should enjoy life. Yet when people are suffering from a depressive episode it is hard to be optimistic.

When we are depressed most of us fall victim to the addictive attributes of nicotine because we adopt some sort of a death wish. We don't care what happens to our body and we enjoy damaging ourselves. Although we may moan to others that we can control this dirty habit, in reality we enjoy smoking. Yet smoking is not something we can hide as its smell reeks on our clothes, the environment and on our breath. Being depressed is something we can usually hide but if somebody asks us why we smoke, we usually reply because we want to. As such smokers can only tolerate each other but in many cases non-smokers cannot tolerate smokers. We all try to quit smoking at some point in our lives and sometimes we are successful, but most times we are unable to quit because we are either overwhelmed by stress or depression. As such we smokers have decided that it is not worth living to the full extent.

It is well known by all bipolar people that there is a dark desire within us to commit suicide and end all of our problems. Yet this is mostly caused when bipolar people do not take their medication. "In the 1940s, before the advent of modern medicine, more than 40% of people with Bipolar eventually committed suicide." Yet smoking seems to be a way of killing ourselves slowly and insidiously. Most of the time we may be unaware of what we are doing to ourselves but maybe this is how we carry out our death wish. Of course there are other reasons unrelated to such a 'cunning' plan.

Other reasons may also include the plain fact that we are restricted in ways of intaking harmful substances. For example medications prohibit the intake of alcohol. We maybe placed in situations such as Christmas where everyone around us is drinking alcohol and we must rely on our resolute self-will. Some may quit smoking and then fall victim to a nicotine craving. The reasons are plentiful but most people smoke a cigarette either to gain pleasure or because of a dark unknown secret.

Smoking is most certainly harmful and not something that should be encouraged but it seems to give some of us the feeling that we are powerful. We can huddle together in smoking rooms and see other people who partake in this very same habit. In a sense we are like outlaws because of the stigma against smoking cigarettes. In Turkey the laws are much more lax than in Europe or the U.S. The better brands are the American ones (Marlboro, Camel, Parliament) and they were mostly encouraged through Americanisation during the 90's. We cannot blame the U.S for encouraging their brands but nevertheless maybe more people can be discouraged from smoking through tougher legislation. Think twice before smoking and remember that we reap what we sow.


ilker said...

Yeah some bipolars smoke a lot because it's like a "self-heal" to them but in fact it's exactly the opposite. Nicotine increases anxiety and would make the person feel more depressed when low. They might not think so, but it is.

I loved the chimp video though. "Do as I say, not as I do"... lol

seletit said...

Depression will not go away after each smoke