Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bipolar polar Bear

Bipolar people sometimes party and other times they may just be plain depressed. It is quite daunting for us bipolar people when we arrive back home or end up in a friend's house after a night of hardcore partying. Not only have we spent incredible amounts of money but we have been in places and done things that we may regret later on. The manic frenzy is an incredible one and we all enjoy it at these times. However medication is designed to control such desires.

Bipolar people like to party hard and it is difficult to become just normal like average Joe. Indeed we can't party every night but when we do, I believe it is important that we allow some more time to recover. After a night out we won't necessarily be depressed but we must be prepared. It is important that we enjoy life as a whole rather than just the manic moments. As long as we can feel emotions we will be alright. I think it takes a major crisis to hit major depression. So those people just need to work on their past issues and look forward. Be hopeful, you will be okay.

The bipolar bear below is a representation of the generalized version of us young bipolar people. He is partying then gradually gets depressed. Towards the end it's quite touching.

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